About Micah Coffey

Meet the man behind the monitor

With over 2 decades under my belt

Since I started fixing computers in the Monmouth County NJ area in the mid 90s, I've remotely connected to thousands of people's computers. So I understand the uneasiness associated with allowing a stranger direct access to your digital life. That's why I would like to show you who I am and hopefully you will see that I only spend my time helping others.

WV Pan

The video playing above part of a large community project I created and maintain to help people connect with businesses and attractions in the West Virginia panhandle area.

Check it out at http://www.wvpan.com

Why Iodine?

After a few dozen books, hundreds of hours of youtube and a bit of a healing journey myself, I created a blog to bring attention to an important nutrient a lot of people can benefit from. I also admin a Facebook group and created a few online tools to help with some of the health info I cover. These resources help thousands of people each month, fo' free.



Calculate brine percentage for vegetable fermentation

Calculate Lugol's Iodine drops


I'm kind of a
health nut

I grow as much food as I can. I read a bunch of books and watched a ton of youtube videos and  learned how to replenish the soil in my backyard and grow some awesome food. I don't till the soil and the only thing I buy is some cow poo and a little plant food that contains a bunch of bacteria. I cover my garden in wood chips or hay which feeds the soil-food-web which is what really makes the plants healthy.

It starts with real food

I take a holistic approach to anything possible. When my employment allows a flexible schedule, I structure my day around my well-being. I keep stress to a minimum and grow or source the best food possible at the same time, allowing me to be the best me possible.

Plus, I've only got one vehicle in this road trip called life and I'd like to get as many miles as possible out of it.

Rebuilding our gut biome

Fermenting food used to be very common in order to get our harvest through winter. It seems odd to let your food rot in a jar on the counter for a month but it makes stuff really tasty and really helps our digestive system, a lot. I created a 30 minute long video to help anyone having an issue getting started or creating successful batches.

I love a chance to capture some feelings

I have a camera or two

I love my doggies

Every 2-3 days, I cook a batch of fresh chicken and veggies for my 2 yorkies and the occasional sick or aging dog I take care of.  After reversing Cookie Bear's poor health, I couldn't watch my doggies eat the  kibble anymore. I hope to write a blog about how and why to feed them some real food but if you have a sick doggy or just want to know how, feel free to ask.

I gave a 16 year old yorkie an extra year or so of life and saved a sick doggy with real food and iodine.

Social media

I post publicly on Facebook and attempt sharing helpful info. Feel free to follow or friend me if we share similar interests.

I have some random videos of gardening, fixing things, and fishing etc on youtube.
Oct 2016, my beautiful wife and I promised to annoy each other for the rest of our lives

Enough about me

I hope you enjoyed this page about me, I'd like you to know who you are trusting with your personal or professional digital life.
I like to be transparent with just about everything I do. You can watch me work on your computer as if I were sitting there with you. If you would like to understand how or why I perform a certain procedure, just ask and I'll explain it.

Feel free to call, text, email or message me on facebook about anything.
Let's keep in touch, I send out periodic updates and tips